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I believe that small businesses truly drive our economy. However, I feel that the incentives to start a small business are too few, while the liabilities of running a small business are too great. I will work to make the state of Ohio, and the 29th District, become a better place to do business. I will work to reduce taxes and create a level playing field for all businesses: the government should NOT be in the business of playing favorites. Moreover, I will work to bring more R&D into Ohio as well as retaining current R&D efforts; it is no coincidence that the leading countries of the world are also leaders in science and engineering.

During my first term in office, starting in January 2013, we passed the state operating budget in H.B. 59. That bill made good on Republican promises to balance the state budget without raising taxes. Some highlights:

Policies that we put in place were in large part responsible for the $800 million surplus Ohio realized at the end of the fiscal year (June 30th, 2014). This should come as no surprise as a lower, broader tax base leads to increases in tax revenue.

In my second term, the 131st GA, we passed Am. Sub. HB 64. Some of the highlights of this bill include:

Finally, in my third term, the 132nd GA, we passed Am. Sub. HB 49. Highlights include:

2nd Amendment Rights

Our Constitution states that, “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”. Couple this with the thinking found in the Federalist Papers and it is quite clear what the Framers intended. I will therefore oppose any legislation that seeks to erode 2nd Amendment rights and am a proud member of the NRA.

Right to Life

I believe that life begins at conception and therefore stand with the Right to Life movement. I will oppose legislation that seeks to eliminate the rights of the unborn. Moreover, I will work to remove public funding for abortion clinics.


No amount of spending, education standards, and teacher evaluations will ever be able to fix what I largely believe to be the problem: parents who are not as involved with their children's education as they should be. I think that incentives for parents to be more involved would help.

I also think that more objective measures need to be put into place for teacher evaluations. Too much of what teachers are evaluated on is out of their control, leading to morale issues. I will work to ensure that teachers are evaluated fairly and on things that are within their control.

Opiate Epidemic

Ohio has the one of the worst drug overdose rates in the nation; in fact, we've ranked as high as second in the nation. It is a vexing problem that has destroyed families and communities.

In many ways, this is a mental health issue. Addiction needs to be treated as such. This is why I have supported the Center for Addiction Treatment in numerous capital appropriations budgets. Increasing the number of beds ensures that more people get the treatment they need.

At the same time, we need to crack down on the supply chain. I have introduced, and passed, legislation that increases penalties for major drug offenders: those who are poisoning our communities with opiates.

Payday Lending

During the 132nd General Assembly we passed HB 123, a payday lending reform bill. Some of the highlights of this legislation are the following:

I voted FOR this legislation on three separate occasions: in committee, on the House floor, and again to concur with Senate amendments (see votes here:

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