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What is the most important issue facing us today?
Jobs and the Economy
Size and Scope of Government
National Defense

 Why I’m running for office 

    In 2006 and 2008, our country decided that the status quo was no longer acceptable and voted for “change”. Unfortunately, this change was for the worse. The deficit continues to soar and yet little is being done to reverse course. Our country’s credit rating has been downgraded and it’s very possible that it will be downgraded again. Businesses have all but stopped hiring due to crippling taxes and onerous regulations, while many of our fellow countrymen have simply stopped looking for employment. Our children continue to fall behind their foreign counterparts in education, particularly math and science. The housing outlook remains bleak and will be confounded by the fact that many of our nations’ newly minted college graduates are burdened with massive student loan debt and no employment.
     To steal a line from a famous 80’s commercial featuring Susan Powter: “Stop the Insanity!” Having seen the effects, or lack thereof, of many of the policies put forth to solve our nations’ crises I have decided to personally get involved and run for State Representative in Ohio’s 29th District. As a licensed professional engineer, I know that we can do better and will not only work to cut down the size and scope of our government, but will also work to ensure that core government functions are run more like businesses and are subject to the same consequences: if a program fails to perform then it will be replaced by something that will. With resources all the more limited in these times of fiscal uncertainty it is in our best financial interest to be creative, as well as embracing technology to streamline all facets of government, however small. As an electrical engineer and programmer I am well positioned to spearhead the task of modernizing government; my current job depends upon my ability to utilize technology in creative ways in order to produce products that our customers want. Stand with me and we’ll create a government that is truly “of the people, by the people and for the people”.









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